Eye Makeup Tutorials

The Egyptians have popularized eye makeup and used kohl to accentuate their eyes using distinct designs on them. Eyes are considered to be the gateway to your soul and you need to prim them in a proper manner for various occasions. If you are novice with eye makeup you should not be discouraged, as you do not know how to make them hypnotic. A very simple trick here is to log into the internet and check into the various Eye makeup tutorials. These tutorials would explain the different shapes of eyes and also how you can enhance their beauty using the right eye shadow color in the correct way.

Eye Makeup TutorialsEye makeup for perfect eyes

When reading these tutorials on eye makeup you would understand what you mean by perfect shaped eyes. These eyes are almond in shapes and have the average space between their two eyes. These eyes enjoy an outward lift in the outward area of their eyes. When using eye makeup for these eyes you would need to use deep color eye shadows, different designs of eye shadow like banana or cat designs and follow it up with thick Maybelline waterproof eyeliner. Once you complete the eye make based on the guidelines mentioned in these tutorials, you would have eyes which enjoy great intensity in them.

Eye makeup for close set eyes

While reading thru various Eye Makeup Tutorials, you would understand that when the width among the two eyes is less, then these eyes are called close set eyes. The main purpose of an eye makeup here is to increase the space width between the eyes. This is done by using lighter eye shadows from Revlon in the inner corners of the eyes and darker shades in the outer areas of the eyes. Mascara used should add volume to the outer areas of the eyelashes. The eyebrows would also need to be shaped a little apart. All these tricks would minimize the closeness of the eyes.

Eye makeup for wide set eyes

These eyes can be recognized as they have extra space in the eye width space. These eyes can be made to look closer by using eye shadows which are darker in colors. These dark eye shadows would be used from the outer area of the eyes to the middle area of the eyes. Intense eye shadow colors can be used in the inner corner of the eyes and this would create an impression of closeness. The eyebrows can be shaped in such a manner which would make the eyes to look closer in appearance.

Eye makeup for big eyes

You can recognize a person with big eyes when there is a lot of white pupil area in the eyes. Reading thru the various Eye Makeup Tutorials you would realize that these eyes can be shaped by using dark eye shadows. These Estee Launder’s dark eye shadows need to be applied in the lower lash line area of your eyes. This simple eye makeup technique would add more dimension and color to your big eyes. If you want to make your big eyes look smaller, you can use eyeliners on both the lids after using the dark eye shadows. This would make your eyes smaller and more beautiful.

Eye makeup for narrow and thin eyes

These eyes have the appearance which is opposite to big eyes and very little of the white pupil can be seen. They are also known as slit eyes.  The best way to make these yes look large is by applying lighter eye shadows from L’Oreal in the outer area of the eyes and a black eye shadow at the base of the lashes. When the black eyes shadow has an upward lift to it, the yes would open up. Here you can also use white eyeliner to open up the eyes. Avoid using dark colored eye shadows. However you can use Maybelline volume mascara on both the lower and upper portions of your eyelashes to get the best result.

You found these eye tutorials very educative and fascinating and this opened up a fascinating subject in front of you. The best thing was you use these eye makeup tricks and looked like a diva in your family festive occasion.