Choosing The Best Eye Makeup Tutorial From YouTube’s Top Ten

It is a fact that the eyes are the part of the body that show others how you are feeling, and they also tell a lot about who you really are. Your eyes can show people when you are feeling down, when you are feeling up, tired, excited, or full of energy. They are the windows that allow others to look into your soul. Therefore, it is very important that you understand how to correct apply your makeup to enhance the beauty within.

You are able to apply your makeup in a way that will show others how you are feeling at that specific moment. You may even present yourself with a look of mystery by using different ways to apply your makeup. Eye makeup is the most important out of all beauty products, because it can change who you are eye makeup tutorialdramatically. As you probably already know, there are millions of products out there on the market when it comes to makeup.

There are a lot of women who can’t go a day without having a little bit of makeup. It is necessary for them to look good, and getting a good look means wearing mascara, facial foundation, lip color, eye-shadows, and blush. While there are some who can apply makeup with no problem at all, there are some that need a little help. Applying makeup can be either easy or it can be challenging depending on who you ask for advice. Here are 10 of the best YouTube channels that show the best ways to put on makeup.

1. xteener

For those women who have a tight budget, but still want to look their best, they can check out an eye makeup tutorial by xteener. This user has easy tutorials where she uses simply drugstore, low-cost makeup. Her tutorial for the smokey eyes has the most likes and subscribes. Although you can find a hundred more tutorials for smokey eyes, her video is both easy and simple to follow along with.

2. jennissemakeup

When it comes to eye makeup, you might find that you are attracted to a certain eye makeup tutorial made by jennisseemakeup. She has tons of how-to videos on YouTube. Other than her videos of makeup, she also has reviews on products, which some viewers might find interesting to watch.

3. MakeupByTiffanyD

You can find a lot of popular eye makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. One of them is by MakeupByTiffanyD, where she has a variety of tutorials for simple makeup as well as some stunning guides. The way she explains is very simple to understand, and you won’t find any distracting sounds in the background of her videos.

4. brilliantbrnette81

Everyone wants to have a bright look on their face. Jacqueline’s channel brilliantbrnette81 will show you exactly how to achieve this. There are a lot of eye makeup tutorial channels found on YouTube, however this one will not be an exception.

5. makeupgeektv

A lot of people who put up tutorials on makeup are women who put their makeup on each day. However, there are some professional artists, such as makeupgeektv, who understand the aesthetics behind the application of makeup. The nice thing about these videos is the simplicity, plus she provides tips that can enhance you natural beauty. The only downside is that her products are generally more expensive, although you can use whatever makeup you would like.

6. MichellePhan

At times you might have to attend a Halloween or costume party where the necessity is creative makeup. MichellePhan shares her special videos that are inspired by movies and famous icons. Besides her makeup tutorials, she also has videos where she describes her at-home beauty regiments and treatments.

7. Panacea81

This girl is a go getter on the YouTube channel if you are looking for a style that is unique. Because of her popularity online, she has recently come out with her very own makeup line. She also provides you with reviews of products and suggests popular products that girls should use when doing their makeup.

8. MissChievous

When you are looking for a little bit of sheer creativity, this channel is definitely the place to visit. This lady provides viewers with a ton of guides when it comes to their makeup. She often tries new products and comes up with many various styles to use with makeup.

9. Pursebuzz

This girl is another popular guru for an eye makeup tutorial. Aside from these tutorials, she will also provide her viewers with advice on hairstyles and fashion.

10. AllThatGlitters21

The girl behind AllThatGlitters21, Elle Fowler, talks all about nail polish and cosmetics. She provides how-to videos that are usually aimed towards the more mature age of college girls.

When you are curious about how you can do your makeup, simply copy one of these channels and paste it into the search box. You will be directed to their channel where you can find the perfect eye makeup tutorial for you.